The Game of Spades


Why do he stare so intensely at me? Did I steal something from him? Oh yea! His heart. I forgot.

The door suddenly opens and I abruptly turn around placing my eyes on him. That one person who has dared to entangle my heart. The one who has clouded up my mind with these false thoughts of forever. “Hey baby!” I squealed in excitement. He stared at me as if I stole something. Oh yea….I did…his heart. He walked over to me and kissed my lips. And then my forehead. I love that enduring nature of him. I feel so safe and secure. I need to be slapped! What the hell is wrong with me? I know this shit is fake and soon his ass is going to be playing games. His butt gonna start lying if he hasn’t started today with that fake ass kiss on the forehead!

Ok, Ok, Ok……… I need to settle myself. He grabs my butt and grips it by the bottom of my cheek. “Hummm I want some of that good good.” He said. He pushes me against the corner near the stove. “Baby! I gotta finish making dinner.” I said with a soft moan. He lifts my skirt up while kissing me on my neck. Now he knows this is my hot spot. He moves in closer, pressing his body against mines. He picks me up and sits me on top of the corner. His left hand follows the right hand lead by pulling my legs apart. Each leg is anchored diagonally in air. He begins to taste my goodness. I can’t resist rubbing on my breast with one hand and gripping the back of his head with another.

To be continued…..


Pistachio Creme

Pistachio Creme

I am in the process of writing this book Title Pistachio Creme. This book is erotic but leads you with a compelling story of triumph, self growth, passion, love, anger and power. I give you just a little to see if this is something that might interest or should I say arouse your thoughts. Enjoy!

Without passion life would be boring.

Chapter 1 – partially


The tip of his fingers pressing into my hips as my pelvic is tilted upward. I feel the pressure of his penis inside my vaginal walls, contracting as if squeezing his penis. The hissing but sibilant sound of my breath arouses him as he talks dirty to me. The excitement of fucking in my office makes it more intense. As he grabs my ass, pulling me closer to his body his penis penetrates deeper inside me. A strong outburst of passion overpowered my emotions forcing me to dig my nails into his muscular back. He begins to talk louder and I quickly covers his mouth; whispering shhhh. The gushing sounds of my vagina initiates an explosion of pure pleasure. Our bodies locked in place; the sound of our breath is still and for a moment, time stopped.

“Damn, that was off the hook”, whispered Malik as he slowly pulls himself out of me. I can’t resist looking at his wet dick gradually exiting my temple of delight. The drippings of his nut hanging from the tip of his penis make me horny all over again.

Malik is 6 feet 2 inches tall, long and strong, at least 7 inches and fat as hell.

My cum still on his penis, I get on my knees and lick it clean.

“Ummm. I love the way I taste,” I softly said as I rose to my feet.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think you were trying to turn me out”, Malik says with a smile on his face.

I laugh hysterically. “I dare you insinuate that I would do such a thing,’ while kissing him on his soft, full lips.

Malik Davenport, fine as he wanna be. Tall, dark, and delicious are the only words I can describe this fine specimen. He’s always well dressed and neat. And the man have abs of steel and that ass is tight like a football player. Every Wednesday we meet in my office for some serious office sex. Sometimes I create false computer issues just so that he can come to my office for some fun. I met Malik a few months ago while he was on a contract with the company I work for called Henderson & Clark. Malik works on our computer security system through a company called Emerald Computers and Security. Just a few weeks in my computer had completely crashed. He walked into my office smelling glorious. Of course, I played it off as if he didn’t exist in my world while he bent over me to show me how to work the new program installed on my computer. Lord had mercy, I wanted to nibble on his arm and work my way to his nipple. Can a woman even fantasize like this about a man she doesn’t know? He left that day from my office and I masturbated at my desk, imagining him fucking the shit out of me on my desk. Well, I guess some fantasies come true.

“When can I see you again?” asked Malik

“I don’t know. I have been overwhelmed with this new product we just introduced and I have a gala to attend on Saturday. Can we play it by ear?

“What’s up Tania? Malik said with a concerned look on his face.”

“What’s up with what?”

Malik grabs his suit jacket and straightens up his tie. “You only call me to fuck nowadays. I ask you on dates and you’re never available. Hell all you do is text so half of the time I don’t know how to take you. So what the fuck is up with us so I will know how to precede?”

“You are confusing me Malik. I thought we discussed that we were just going to be friends and figure out the rest later. Now we are an item because we’re fucking on a regular? You know I don’t have time for a man. Shit, I am trying move up in company as it is growing.” I start tucking my blouse back into my pleated skirt.

Malik picks up his brief case and stands by my office door. “Okay, it’s cool baby. Didn’t mean to damper your day. Have a good one.”

I call his name. “Malik!” With no response as he walks out the door, I call his name again. “Malik!”

Malik continues to walk out the door as if he didn’t hear me. All I could think is wow, for real though.

I am Tania Allen, Sales and Marketing assistant to Damian Kellar, Sales and Marketing Manager for Henderson & Clark fine products. Henderson & Clark (H.C.) is a minority-owned company established in 2004. H.C. sells African American hair products and specializing in weave. The company has its own salon located on the lower floor of the building which enables them to provide the salon with all the products necessary to keep African American women looking their best. I have always prided myself on looking fabulous. Most people who know me would say I am a diva. But truly at home I am just a down home girl who loves her ball caps, flip flops and showing my sexy thighs –Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, when it’s time to get fab, well let’s just say I come dressed to the T. Oh Lord, did I say T…Lol!

I love my job and what I do. I am committed to Damian and making sure the sales and marketing department is performing beyond the best. Damian and I have some history together. We both started in this company as Sales Representatives. Sometimes I think our inappropriate professionalism made me lose my position as manager and gave him the title. I was pissed. The Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Henderson & Clark, Jasmine Summers had a thing for Damian. And she knew that Damian and I was an item. This heffa would make sure I had over 10 clients to handle a day just so I could not complete my orders in a timely fashion while Damian would get 5 tops daily. The only reason I didn’t whoop that thots’ ass is because I really respect her father and CEO of the Company, Pernell Summers.

Now Damian, the man I swore I was going to marry. Successful, intelligent, handsome, athletic and just everything I was looking for in a man. And the dick was great! Damian was a thin man but well built. I use well-built in terms of a round ass, kind of cocky. He had a little bit of a tummy but it went well with the dick. I mean this man could make me cum multiple times back to back. I remember this one night after work Damian invited me over to his apartment for dinner. I wore a sundress with no panties on. My vagina was bald with a strip of hair just before you get to my clitoris. I was already dripping wet just thinking about Damian inside me. As I knocked at the door, I composed myself so that I was in control of the situation at hand.

“Well hello beautiful”, exclaimed Damian as he invited me into his home.

The aroma scent of jasmine and vanilla fills the room. Of course the remarkable keen scent of Donna Karan, ‘Be Delicious’ covers my body with a splash of Vicky Secret ‘Dreamgirl’ starting combustion of sensual gratification.

“What you cooking baby? It smells delicious.”

Damian wipes his hands onto his apron, draped across those luscious thighs with the definition of showing his femur muscle. You guessed it. He is naked and cooking dinner. What a combination? His body is glistening from body oil. His triceps muscle popping in and out from picking up utensil after utensil. And the eagle wing tattoo across his back underneath his broad shoulders silhouettes off the light. I am finding it hard to not start playing with myself.

“I’m cooking steak smothered in my secret sauce, baked potato and steamed vegetables. I baked your favorite dessert, peach cobbler.” Damian says with a sexy smile. Before I could interrupt him, “Yea baby, I got the whipped cream,” he quickly informed me.

I am tickled by the interruption bit moreover impressed. He remembered my favorite. That’s special. Before I could sit down, Damian expressed that I should get comfortable.

“Take that dress off and leave on your shoes,” abruptly he says.

“Baby I thought we would eat first,”

“We are. In the nude,” he replied. “Now take it off slowly, I want to watch you undress.”

Peeping Tom?

Peeping Tom?

I kiss you like I just met you. I touch you like my first time. My breath is deep and shallow. I barely can stand straight up. I’m lost in your eyes every time I look at you. You mesmerize me. When I’m with you, I feel like there is no one else in the world but us.

He leans against the car as she stood there smiling and giggling for no reason. He pulls her near by her hips and she falls onto his body. They laugh. Suddenly she kisses him while caressing his face. They start kissing passionately to the point that they are taking each other breath away. The night was perfect and the air was crisp. It’s windy enough to softly blow her dress showing the silhouette of her body. He lifts her dress up revealing her bare bottom. She always wear a dress to their favorite spot without panties.

On the same day, once a week, at the same time I make sure I come to my favorite spot. I crept through the adjacent parking lot in hopes that I don’t get busted for the regular viewing. I remember the first time I stumbled upon the first viewing of many that delighted me. Shock kicked in first and then I became appalled but stimulated at the same time. There she was free without any reservations. And he…….he was dominating with intense passion. I wished I knew their names so it would go with the faces. I moved very slowly to their location; nearly crawling from one car to another. I stooped down to get a good view. From my distance I can see her bare hip and partial ass. I wished I could touch it to feel how soft it is.

He grabs her and lifts her thigh onto his hip. Swiftly he turns her around and pushes her onto the car. As her body thump against the car, she moans a little louder. While his fingers are deeply pressed into her thigh, his other hand manuevers to her vagina. He began to pulsate her clitoris. She starts to moan more intensely but still low enough not to be heard by anyone who is not trying to hear.
As I move closer, I knocked over a plastic bottle. I hurried to the back of the vehicle. My heart is about to jump out of my chest. How could I have not seen that? I am so fucking stupid to get busted after all these times! This is like my favorite night of the week and I have literally fucked it up! Suddenly I hear a moan. Gradually I look around the back of the vehicle to see that my stupidity didn’t halt anything. I am excited to know my favorite viewing won’t be cancelled. I move in to get a better view. There he was making love to her while against the car. Her leg is wide enough for me to get a glimpse of her vagina. Oh my goodness, how delicious it looks. And his penis was delectable!

While thrusting in and out of her juicy vagina, her breast is revealed. He begins to start sucking on her breast while gripping them. I start biting my lip. My breath is getting stronger, deeper more prevalent for my hearing. I start playing with my vagina.

I always wear a dress on my favorite night without panties.

Somewhere Unknown

Somewhere Unknown

The night was perfect! The air was crisp and the breeze was so refreshing, blowing softly against my face. I arrived to my favorite cafe on my usual night, sitting at the same table in the corner next to the window facing the street. I ordered my usual cafe mocha with white chocolate. And of course, I have to indulge in my favorite scone. lol..

There he is! At the same time on the same day of the week, he comes to the cafe and sits at the same table while ordering his usual black coffee with a plain doughnut. He is very predictable and simple. His hair is always neatly tampered and there’s a presence he possess that gives the perception that he is very educated. I don’t think he ever noticed that I stare at him. I think maybe once he looked up and I immediately turned my eyes.

I elected today I will walk pass him, deliberately brush against his elbow that lies gently onto the table, politely apologize, smile and throw my trash away. I have created the scenario several times before coming to a conclusion that this will get his attention. That this act of nature will spark him to notice me, to be compelled to approach me and ask me who am I, and where have I been all his life. Here goes nothing.

Slowly I rose from my corner sit. The anxiety of my scheme began to knot my stomach, my hands became sweaty and my knees shook to they almost buckled.  My body temperature rose because my skin felt hot and clammy. As I approached his table prepared to brush his delicate elbow, he stood up! Oh shit! What the hell? I nearly fell onto the other table and he grabbed my waist, eliminating me from falling. Gripping his bicep to hold myself up, I look in his eyes and abruptly said hi. He said hi back with a smile that sent a chill down my spine. I stood up prepping my position to gracefully say thank you BUT he walked off looking back at me as if to follow him. I stood there in shock. About a 30 seconds went by and my feet loosen up to move across the floor. I headed towards the direction he went to. The curiosity lured me towards his direction but the desire ensured I was going.

As I approached the hall where he disappeared, suddenly I am startled when a door opens to my left. Gosh! It’s him. Face to face; a second time. He stares at me. My eyes softly lowered to the floor as if a child caught in a cookie jar. His hand slowly touches my chin and lifts my face so that I can look at him.

He gradually comes closer to me as we stood in the doorway that mysteriously leads to somewhere unknown. He passionately places his lips onto mine. We kissed as if we have known each other forever. He grabs my hand to escort me through the doorway that leads to somewhere unknown.

to be continued…….

“Passion is oxygen to the soul.”

Bill Butler

Driving No Where

Driving No Where

Pulled up in front of the house,three houses from the corner of no where. Hair on fleek, make up flawless, Jimmy Choo black heels, Little black dress, and Va-JJ perfectly wax! Can’t forget my crouch-less red panties.  My dude…..chocolate drop, 6 ft 2 in height, long! I met him three years ago working as a bartender at one of the hottest night clubs in town.

As I swayed to his car, I felt his eyes burning through my dress. The way I was looking I was very confident he wanted me because I damn sure wanted to do me. I approached the vehicle without hesitation and sensually got into the car. I greeted him with a long kiss…no tongue right now. I stared at him as I released my lips from his. He pulls off with speed as I grip the door handle from the pressure of sudden acceleration. He’s turning me on how he is handling the speed of the vehicle. I slowly take my left hand and place it onto his knee gently caressing it with slow strokes. The music is perfect for the occasion.  My hand creeps up his thigh, resting on his erected penis. I gently unzip and unbutton his pants to reveal his penis. I love a pretty dick! I commence to start rubbing his penis in a circular motion, up and down. I can hear him moaning just a little as I felt the car accelerate. I whispered in his ear…pull over. He says we are in the middle of no where. I demanded he pulls over. He turns and look at me to find me playing with my JJ with my other hand. I giggle and smile. Suddenly he pulls over! I immediately take my wet finger and place it into his mouth. Yum, Yum…

I turn facing him, lifting my dress up to my stomach. Yea baby, you like those panties! I swiftly get on top of him, inserting his enlarged penis inside me. I love him inside. That’s where he belongs! He was meant to meet her. Lol! I am riding him like a horse, up and down, deep strokes, and back arched for more leverage.  Mmmm. the sound of my juicy arouses me. I get off with conviction and immediately start sucking his penis until………


Unadulterated Beginnings

Unadulterated Beginnings

Yea, yea, Quit ya hating! I earned this spot and all the amenities that come with it. Being the woman in the mirror is a hard task. And trying to re-invent a wounded spirit is harder. Don’t be mean mugging me or thinking you can even fit the shoes I wear. I earned it, damn it! This is my reward and I proudly hold it high.

I refuse to wear the pants anymore. I allow him to feel needed and wanted. Hell no, I can’t do that. My man got that. Cause baby, I am damsel in distress. You the captain of this ship, I just help by co-piloting. You deserve to be loved the way a man should be loved. Why? Because you earned it.  Yes of course, I will assume the responsibility of caring for you mentally, physically, sexually and spiritually. You deserve to come home to serenity from work. You work so hard for this family! You fight the world everyday, so coming home to war is futile.

Thank you baby for being consistent and dedicated to our life! I am putting it on you anytime, anywhere. I am your sex slave, your private dancer, your freak in the sheets! Your loyalty has no limits so I gotta hold you down. You complete me. I was always looking for something perfect, someone that was inhuman, someone that would come with a how to love booklet. I found beauty in a dull shine.

To earn my heart is to earn my affection.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


Soul of the Misunderstood

Soul of the Misunderstood

Stop expecting shit I can’t give to you. I am not able to divulge my feelings of grief and pain to you. I am incapable of trusting a person to the fullest. I won’t allow myself to be a fool ever again. So stop expecting shit I can’t produce. I am unequipped to deal with sharing my man. Actually, I am certified crazy in that area of relationship drama.

I do not possess the necessary qualifications to be a superwoman! I am not domestic enough. I go to fucking work just like you. I expect help damn it! Please don’t wait on your dinner served every night! I am tired from my 8 hour a day, 40 hours or more shift. This is not the 60’s.

I am disqualified to be your boo, girl, girlfriend and special friend. Seriously, I am on some grown woman shit. I don’t have the energy to play house. I need things….a new last name, joint home ownership, a pension, social security, good credit and life insurance if you fell to take good care of yourself.

I am completely and utterly unsuited for non-sexual foreplay or minor league loving. Sorry….. I am not into building egos that don’t deserve praise. If you can’t perform the procedure, do not attempt.

“The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity and execute with vigor.”

Christian Nestell Bovee

I take ownership for my inabilities and inadequate way of loving a man. My accusatory deposition makes you doubtful to move deeper into a nurturing relationship. I am imperfect but perfectly react to each situation I encounter. Don’t bother yourself with trying to make me something I am not. My environment has critically determined my view of the world.



Backyard Manners

Backyard Manners

I get it. I’m a hot mess at times. Sure. .. I’m unusually different.  But no different from the next.  I just openly say things others are reserved to say.  So what if I’m bratty, rigid, uncanny, and outside the norm. Obscured? Hummm…but I have some really great qualities that oversee the negatives.  If I told you how things in your childhood affects you as an adult, would you believe me?

Well believe it!

Loving the great outdoors and the magic it creates in the summer. Lots of friends but this particular day playing with your closet friend was a chosen option. The mid morning was brisk and the smell of mowing grass was in the air. The backyard was full of bushes and lots of trees. One could play hide-go-get-it and never be seen.

Dat Day……

The American Elm tree whistles as some leaves fall onto the yard. She runs behind the tree hoping he catches her. She makes it a point to show half her body to ensure she is caught. He sees her but is apprehensive about approaching her. He knows that if he catches her, he must be prepared to go all the way with the game. His run slowly turns into a crawl.

“Come over here! Kiss me. Not like that!  Softer. Okay stop. Grab my titties. Gently!” She guides his hands over her breast.

“Yea just like Dat.  Play with my nipples. Slow strokes not like that!” She grabs his hands assisting him with playing with her nipples. She takes his index finger and makes it go into a circular motion over her nipple. She started biting her lip as he began to suck on her breast.

“Mmmm.. softer.”  “Use your tongue more on my nipple.  Yea…… now gently bite it. Yes! Mmmm.”

“Why I gotta do everything? I want you to do some stuff too!, He squeals.”

“Shut up! You make me sick.”

“You make me sick with your ugly self!”

Backyard manners always end up naughty. Watch what your children do! Lol!

The Author – Energy into light

The Author – Energy into light
What is an Author? Well, the dictionary meaning says: An originator or creator, as of a theory or plan; The writer of a book, article, or other text. My meaning of Author which entails my life is the creator of my destiny or history. I am writing the story of my life, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I can be as great as I want to be. It’s all up to me! I don’t look for pity when I am low…I look for a positive atmosphere that will keep me floating when I can’t paddle. I consume the air I breathe and if it needs to be dehumidified than so be it. I was never an A student in school but I was intelligent. I didn’t realize my greatness until years after college. I can impact a person just through a conversation. Words are empowering. They can make another person feel empowered and ready to conquer the world.
Electrifying….. the ability to transform energy into light! Have you ever met someone and immediately felt the energy they expelled? Some people possess the ability to  brighten a room just by walking into the setting. Others can dim a room in seconds with their presence.

Be the author of your story. I am the creator of my life. I determine if I am going to be successful and powerful. I am lead with the faith of GOD and his strength. Live your life as if it is your last day, Laugh as much as you can for sorrow only brings depression, and Love with everything you have within you because that is the strongest gift GOD has given to us! Mad love!

Dat and More!

I’m into dat.  And dat.  Nope not dat.  And yea dat.

Call me adventurous.  I will try most anything once.  I’ve even tried anal more than once.  I love doing it but I hate the after effects. So anal isn’t for me……..most of the time. Lol! Silly gurl!

Here we are passionately in the moment.  Those neck kisses are definitely taking me where I need to be. Yea, don’t quit!  Aaah! Those juicy lips suctioning my thin layer skin on my neck into his mouth and releasing it with a soft popping sound.  Some releasing moments are longer than others.  Suddenly he pushes me between the wall and the door.  He inserts two fingers into my vagina by slipping my panties to the side.  We started kissing passionately until I couldn’t breath. I mean like whoa! He takes my breath every time! I pushed him back and grab his hand from between my legs.  Slowly I take his fingers and start licking and sucking them one by one. Meanwhile, I stare at him as I taste myself on his fingers.  I know he’s loving those bedroom eyes looking deep into his. He’s saying something but dat gurl just can’t understand. Is that English? Lmbo!

Don’t do dat…yea do dat…don’t do dat one….but yea I’m loving dat.

The bed is too routine. Sometimes you gotta take it up a notch or two. I want you to remember this night. He’s cool with this location. But be quiet! The laundry mat is deserted. I mean there may be 5 people in the mat. What can they see? The mat is relatively large. So likelihood of catching us in the act is pretty low. Plus, I am into doing things under pressure. Let’s get it!

Ooo that feels good! Yea dat too. Nope I hate it. But oooo yea I like dat!

To be continued……..

Dat and More!